Snoop Exercised His Democratic Rights By Smoking Up In Front Of The White House

I think we can all agree that democracy is a flexible thing, and there are many means by which we can choose to express our opinions in the so-called ‘marketplace of ideas’. Sure, voting is absolutely one of them. I’m not here to sledge anyone who thinks that voting itself is the be-all and end-all of democratic participation. But have you considered something with a little bit more potency, like triumphantly smoking a fat doobie outside the White House?

Snoop Dogg, an enduring icon of civic virtue, did just that. Snoop went on an Instagram vision quest among all the news about the U.S. midterms, with the simple goal of choofing in general proximity to Donald Trump‘s house. King!

Behold, the pure politics represented by ‘I had 2 do it’ parts one through three.


  • Snoop complaining that you can’t easily park around the White House.
  • Snoop saying “I’m at the White House smokin’, fuck the President.”
  • Snoop telling a passing old guy that his hair looks amazing, and the old guy being visibly chuffed.

This is democracy manifest.