Nothing Will Ever Bring Me More Joy Than This Video Of Snoop Dogg Listening To ‘Let It Go’

snoop dogg let it go

There are very few things to be cheerful about in the world right now, but this video of Snoop Dogg listening to Let It Go from Frozen is definitely one of them.

The Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper knows a thing or two about music, and it appears the Frozen soundtrack has received Snoop’s tick of approval. The rap icon took to Instagram earlier this week to share a video of him casually enjoying the song in his car.

“Let it go,” he simply captioned the video.

Unfortunately for us, Snoop Dogg didn’t actually sing along to the song before letting us know that he just “had to come sit in my car and listen to this man. Let it go.”

We simply do not deserve this man. Snoop Dogg is the gift we really needed right now.

The video promptly went viral thanks to Twitter user Amy Brown, who said she’d “like to talk about this video of Snoop Dogg listening to the Frozen soundtrack in his parked car.”

The video quickly amassed 5.7 million views, with thousands of replies calling him the hero we need and just relating to him on a deeply spiritual level.

But in an even more iconic turn of events, Elsa herself Idina Menzel took to Instagram to share a video of her singing Drop It Like It’s Hot. Honestly, we need a Snoop Dogg/Idina Menzel Broadway show.

Look, if you told me a few months ago that a video of Snoop Dogg listening to the Frozen soundtrack would be the thing giving me hope during the coronavirus pandemic, I would’ve told you to fuck off. But when Snoop said “let it go… We’ll be outside soon,” I really FELT that.