Snoop Dogg Narrates Epic Battle Between Bat & Scorpion On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Snoop Dogg has returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! yet again to put his delightful spin on David Attenborough‘s Planet Earth, with the so-called Plizzanet Earth.

The Snoop take on nature documentaries breaks it the genre down to its most important feature: every time an animal from one species absolutely wails on another.

In previous years we’ve seen iguanas versus snakes and otters versus crocs. We’ve also learned about tree frogs and seals and reindeer and so many more.

Today it’s bats versus scorpions, a cage match which I want to be as far away from as possible.

This one is in infra-red which makes it even more disconcerting if you harbour a totally rational – shut up – fear of both bats and scorpions.

But it’s okay, Snoop settles all that by narrating both animals’ movements as if he’s both parts of a couple on Gogglebox.

Highlights: “Watch out cuz, back up,” when the bat heads towards towards the scorpion.

And when the bat emerges victorious: “Eat his arse up, eat up, young man. Bye bye, bitch. Fly off with it and feed the rest of the bats.

While you should not be watching this for its educational value – bats do have eyes, but he is right about the viciousness of a scorpion’s tail, where its stinger is – it sure is entertaining. Mr. Dogg certainly is the “host with the most“.

If you wanna know what else Snoop is up to rn, he’s actually about to star in a semi-autobiographical musical called Redemption of a Dogg. Please, someone pay him to bring that out here because you don’t know, it could be the new Hamilton.