Self-Aware Kings Splendour In The Grass Made A Mud Joke

Amphitheatre at Splendour In The Grass with "Splendour In The Mud" branding

When life gives you lemons, you either make lemonade or suck those tangy, sour little bastards raw. And it looks like Splendour In The Grass went down the first route by making a funny about the spectacularly soggy conditions at the festival.

Before you ask, no! The gag had nothing to do with being a little piggy rolling around in mud or Shrek warning people to stay away from his swamp.

While waiting for Liam Gallagher‘s set at the Amphitheatre, punters saw some shit hot new branding: “Splendour In The Mud”.

Stage at Splendour In The Grass with new branding "Splendour In The Mud"
Splendour In The Mud. Photo credit: Nick Wray.

Splendour. In. The. Mud.

Yes, just days after cancelling the first day of the festival due to a freakishly bad weather, Splendour decided to rebrand themselves to Splendour In The Mud.

Look, it’s arguably a funny bit and we can’t help but stan a self-aware Splendour In The Grass who had the chutzpah to take the piss out of itself. After all, the festival organisers had nothing to do with Byron Bay’s wet ‘n wild weather and have been doing the best they can amid the chaos.

In saying that, you also can’t blame festival goers for not finding the humour in the situation. From punters waiting in line for over four and a half hours to catch a bus out of the festival to mud that was so bad it looked like people were hauling ass through ankle-deep chocolate custard, it definitely hasn’t been an enjoyable ride for all.

At least the Liam Gallagher set was a hoot and a half, with the bloke balancing a tambourine on his head.

Liam Gallagher performing at Splendour In The Grass
What’s that doing on your head, silly billy! Photo credit: Courtney Fry.

If the mud joke didn’t land, we can all agree that Liam with a tambourine on his head is funny, right?