There It Is: Splendour In The Grass Officials Have Pulled The Plug On Day 1 Amid Wet Weather Chaos

splendour in the grass day one cancelled

Splendour In The Grass has cancelled its first day of the festival due to an unpredictable weather system threatening the festival site.

A statement from the festival said the programming for the main stages has been called off and day one artists will no longer perform.

“A significant weather system is currently sitting off the east coast and may reach land later today bringing more rainfall,” the statement reads.

“In the interest of patron safety and in consultation with all relevant emergency services, we have decided to err on the side of caution and cancel performances on the main stages today only — Amphitheatre, Mix Up, GW McLennan and Park(lands) Stages.”

The rest of the festival’s destination stages — like Tipi Forest, World Stage, Forum and Comedy tents — will continue as planned today for camping punters.

People with single-day passes are asked not to attend while the crew works on repairs at the site.

Refunds will be issued through Moshtix in the coming days and the festival has for patience as that process rolls out.


Splendour 2022 is off your a soggy start, here’s what it was like on the ground before the main stages were cancelled on day one. #splendourinthegrass #byronbay #ptv #musicfestival

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Punters told PEDESTRIAN.TV they’re just going to lean in on the situation and make the best of it all.

“It can’t get any worse but it can get a lot better,” one attendee said.

“Just accept it’s going to be wet and uncomfortable and try to enjoy it,” another punter added.

Splendour In The Grass is hoping the festival will run as planned for days two and three, but we’ll let you know if anything changes.