Shannon Noll‘s music videos are etched in history as some of the greatest of our time. From “What About Me” and “Lift” to “Drive” and “Shine” (his own version of Ms Jenner’s “rise ‘n’ shine”), his visuals are masterpieces simply because, well, they’re true blue Nollsie.

If you agree with me, which you obviously do, I have life-changing news: a casting call has been announced, encouraging us undeserving humans to join Nollsie for his next music video, “Long Live the Summer”. (So, this pretty much means that a new album is on its way, right? I just wet myself a lil’.)

“If you are in or around the Shoal Bay area [north of Newscastle] on Wednesday November 13 and are available to come and spend the day with us,” the casting page reads. “We’d love to hear from you.”

The casting link, which you can find here, requires you to entire some details, including your socials (FB and IG links). You also have to confirm that you’re available all day on November 13.

Once you’ve submitted this quick info, you’ll be one step closer to hanging with Australian royalty.

This could be you…

Givvus a cheeky pash, Nollsie.

….or this could be you….

Go on, Nollsie, smooch us.

…or THIS. That’s hot.

Go to town, Nollsie, go to town.

While we’re on the topic of Australian Idol’s most robbed contestant (facts, I’ll fight you on it), this is the perfect occasion to unashamedly plug our Facebook Watch series, 15 minutes.

In 15 minutes, we travel around Oz each week reliving the most iconic viral moments in history, and those responsible for them. Episode 5 features Nollsie talking about how his life has changed since we all made him a “walking meme”. Check it below.

15 Minutes: Shannon Noll | S1 E5

"I'd always look at something in a way to see how it could fire the internet off."In the fifth episode of P.TV's docuseries 15 Minutes, we visit deadset Aussie icon Shannon Noll to find out how his life – and career – has changed since you lot made him a "walking meme".

Posted by on Sunday, 27 October 2019

Image: Getty / Matt King / Stringer