Cops Nab Bloody Drongo Who Chucked A Firecracker On Stage At A Nollsie Show

A bellend who allegedly chucked a firecracker on stage at a Shannon Noll gig on the mid-north coast of NSW last week was apprehended this afternoon by NSW Police.

The man is said to have thrown the lit firecracker on stage at about 10.30pm last Friday during what would have definitely been a roarin’ sold out Nollsie set at a country club in South West Rocks, a coastal town kinda halfway between Coffs and Port Macquarie.

Nollsie’s keyboard player is said to have tried to stamp out the wick, but the “bunger” exploded and burnt a hole in his shoe. He suffered superficial burns and, after being treated at the scene, was taken to Kempsey District Hospital.

Noll’s drummer also received a cut to his arm from “shrapnel” and has since suffered hearing problems caused by the blast.

In Nollsie’s own words, it was “completely idiotic” behaviour: “Up until that stupidly dangerous act the gig went great! hope security caught the dickhead who threw it! Always 1 fuckin moron!

The 27-year-old man arrested at around lunchtime was charged with affray and negligently handling an explosive to cause a person injury.

He’s been granted bail, and is scheduled to appear in local court on September 25.

To make matters worse, the man probably paid either $35 or $45 to get in – which is frankly an extortionate amount, despite Noll’s “everyman appeal” that “tap[s] into a pure emotion that’s both his own and instantly relatable“.

We hope Nollsie’s band have fully recovered.

Their next shows are scheduled for Brissy next weekend.