Rolling Stone’s ‘Top 200 Singers Of All Time’ Is Causing Absolute Chaos After Bulk Snubbings

Rolling Stone Top 200 singers list

On January 1, well-known music magazine The Rolling Stone unveiled its list of “The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time“. Since then, chaos has erupted as fans come to terms with this listicle that may have just ended all listicles.

According to the magazine, their list was curated using by judging “originality, influence, the depth of an artist’s catalog, and the breadth of their musical legacy”.

The number one spot was claimed by the late great Aretha Franklin, followed by Whitney Houston in second and soul singer Sam Cooke in the bronze medal place. No arguments from us just yet.

However, readers went absolutely bananas across the internet over one notable exclusion — Celine Dion.

Yes, you read correctly.

The 54-year-old Canadian who is world-renowned for having the pipes of an angel and the musical range of a grand piano received no love from the editors at Rolling Stone.

This caused fans to ark up in the magazine’s comments section and re-post videos of her online, showing it exactly what it was missing out on.

“Billie Eillish on the list but not CELINE DION??!!! Rihanna ranking higher than Kelly Clarkson??!! This makes no sense at all I’m calling the police!” One fan replied (sic) on Instagram.

“Originality? Influence? Really? Celine Dion, who influenced Ariana and Taylor, isn’t on this list,” began another.

“The depth of artist’s catalog? Seriously? Jungkook has only 6-7 solo singles so far, but his catalog has more depth than Bruno Mars’?”

Other notable exceptions included Madonna, Olivia Newton-John, Janet Jackson, Bob Marley and Lionel Richie.

If you need me, I’ll be out back crying myself a river.

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