Miley’s Unleashing A Spicy New Track On Liam Hemsworth’s Bday & Fans Reckon It’s About Him

miley cyrus new single liam hemsworth birthday

It’s a new year and a new era of Miley Cyrus is upon us. She cracked into 2023 by announcing her new single “Flowers” will be landing in the next couple of weeks. But fans are wise to the actual date of the song’s release (January 13) as being a pretty familiar one for Miley lore — because it’s Liam Hemsworth‘s birthday.

Cyrus posted a couple of teaser videos for the upcoming track on her Instagram on New Year’s Day. The first one shows her strutting up a street in a stunning gold lamé gown and black sunnies while echoing vocals give us a snippet of “Flowers”.

The second video shows Cyrus in the back garden of a house as she strips off the golden gown to saunter across the lawn while the sprinklers are on. It’s giving unhinged Hollywood glamour and I simply adore it.

Considering the track is set to drop on the birthday of her ex-husband (already spicy), the lyrics featured in each teaser video seem to nod to their relationship as well.

“Can love me better, baby, I can love me better,” she sings in the first video.

We’re given a morsel more in the second vid, with Cyrus singing “yeah, I can love me better than you can”.

Ooooof, queen shit.

The double-punch of the upcoming new Miley era has left fans absolutely frothing at the mouth for “Flowers” to land.

Has anyone checked in on the Hemsworth household after this powerful serve? Can we get a visual on Liam now that he knows his ex-wife is set to drop a red-hot banger on his birthday this year?

This new era of Miley already feels like it’s going to be ruthless, unapologetic and fierce. It’s been just over two years since her last album Plastic Hearts (and that slept-on era) so we’re champing at the bit to meet the 2023 iteration of Miley Cyrus.

“Flowers” will land on January 13. Happy birthday to you, Liam Hemsworth.