Underachieving Teen Lorde Lands The Cover Of Rolling Stone

White-teethed teen superstar Lorde can cross off another musical milestone on the bucket list of things you’ll never achieve so why are you still trying by landing the cover of niche music zine, Rolling Stone

Wearing her signature black lip, disaffected smize and a t-shirt proclaiming her affinity with 70s NYC garage punk band The Cramps, Lorde’s cover is accompanied by a profile written by Rob Tannenbaum that purports to trace her rapid ascent from foetal musical savant to global ubiquity, as well as dissecting her affinity with other self-aware teenage girls. It’s for the latter that Patron Saint and Spokesperson for Auteur Teen Angst, Tavi Gevinson, is invoked to offer the following: 

“Everyone talks about Ella as the anti-Miley because she dresses like a witch and she doesn’t twerk, but it’s more nuanced than that. She sings about partying, she curses like a sailor and her songs aren’t completely asexual. She reflects an intelligence in girls our age, and normalises it.” 
ICYMI: Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine is nominated for four Grammy awards, and she’s scheduled to perform on a bill that now boasts Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Robin Thicke – :/ – at the ceremony on January 26th.

Photo via Rolling Stone