R Kelly Apparently Once Sent Goons To Beat The Shit Out Of Dave Chappelle

With the sweater of R Kelly‘s various misdoings finally unravelling thanks to the Surviving R Kelly documentary finally pulling the long-dangling thread, more and more stories of the “troubled” singer’s past are bubbling to the surface. None, would you even believe, paint a particularly positive picture. The latest one concerns, of all people, Dave Chappelle.

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Those of you with long memories or older brothers who liked weed will remember Chappelle’s repeated piss taking (for lack of a better term) of Kelly on Chappelle’s Show, which ran between 2003 and 2006.

At the time, Kelly’s various indiscretions were less “part of an on-going criminal investigation” and more “curious open secret that no one in show business really did anything about,” and thus Chappelle’s Show took the opportunity to run the repeat offender through the ringer.

In particular, the show aired a sketch parodying an R Kelly music video entitled Piss on Youthe subject matter of which is fairly goods-as-advertised.

As it turns out R Kelly didn’t take terribly kindly to the portrayal, and tried to deal with it by sending hired goons to rough Chappelle up, according to Chappelle’s Show‘s co-creator Neal Brennan.

Brennan appeared on US radio show The Breakfast Club and detailed the incident in which Kelly sent goons to Chicago to beat up Chappelle, whose own band of goons had to step in and prevent the beatdown from occurring.

The goons negotiated.” Ahh yes, a peaceful end to an otherwise batshit insane scenario.

Whatever winds up becoming of this latest R Kelly saga, one thing’s for absolute certain: It’s entirely overdue.