R Kelly’s Daughter Calls Her Father A “Monster” In Scathing Instagram Posts

R Kelly

Buku Abi, the daughter of musician R Kelly, has called her father a “monster” in a lengthy series of posts to her Instagram stories, saying that she has been “deeply affected” by his actions over the years.

The singer was the subject of a recent six-part documentary series Surviving R Kelly, in which past associates and colleagues came forward with allegations of his various sexual improprieties.

A former backing singer accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old Aaliyah, saying that she and others witnessed them having sex on a tour bus in the 1990s.

Abi, otherwise known as Joann Kelly, recently took to social media to make a statement on her estranged dad, saying in her stories, saying:

“To the people who feel I should be speaking up/against everything that is going on right now. I just want you all to understand that devastated is an understatement for all that I feel currently. I do [apologise] if my silence to all that is happening comes off as careless. That is my last intention. I pray for all the families & women who have been affected by my father’s actions. Trust, I have been deeply affected by all this.”

She went on to say that he has had a negative impact on her own family life with his conduct, saying:

“Unfortunately, for my own personal reasonings & for all my family has endured in regards to him, his life decisions and his last name, it has been years since my siblings and I have seen and or have spoken to him. In regards to my mother, she for the same reasonings and more, has not seen or have spoken to my father in years. My mother, siblings and I would never condone, support or be a part of ANYTHING negative he has done and or continues to do in his life.”

Lashing out at her father, she said:

“The same monster you all confronting me about is my father. I am well aware of who and what he is. I grew up in that house. My choice to not speak on him and what he does is for my peace of mind. My emotional state. And for MY healing. I have to do & move in a manner that is best for me.”

On Friday afternoon, local time, a plane was spotted flying over the Sony offices in California, trailing a banner urging Sony and RCA to drop the “sexual predator” R Kelly from their labels.

The plane was commissioned by women’s group UltraViolet, who later told press:

“Their inaction is beyond shameful. RCA can no longer pretend that R Kelly’s music can be separated from his violent actions. Kelly uses his fame, musical talent, fortune, and standing in the music industry to lure in and abuse young black girls. Even some of his songs are literally inspired by the abuses he has perpetrated.”

The series recently aired across three nights on the US network Lifetime, and was seen as a ratings success for them, drawing in an average of 2.1 million viewers.