Olivia Rodrigo Is Finally Touring Aus, So Here Are Some Tracks We’re Hoping To See On The Setlist

Olivia Rodrigo has just announced her first-ever Australian Tour and fans are foaming at the mouth for a hint of any tea surrounding her time Down Under. So, adding fuel to the fire that is everyone’s excitement, we’ve gathered up all the rumoured bangers the “so american” singer is gonna belt out when she finally arrives.

Earlier today, Olivia shook sad girlies to the core after she dropped the Aussie dates to her highly acclaimed GUTS World Tour.

Although it’s advertised as a “World Tour”, the “vampire” songstress is unfortunately only visiting Sydney and Melbourne. But since we missed out on the SOUR Tour, this is better than nothing amirite?

For now, we only know when Olivia is coming and when her tickets drop. But we can speculate dream about the setlist that she’s about to hand us, which is obviously going to be jam-packed with songs from her two albums — GUTS and SOUR.

(Image source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation)

Well, according to some digging on the internet — AKA hours spent watching GUTS World Tour TikToks and Reddit threads — I am 95.5% sure that Olivia Rodrigo will at least be singing “vampire”, “bad idea, right?”, “good 4 u”, “get him back!”, “deja vu”, “drivers license”, “brutal”, and “traitor” in Australia.

These are big dogs that I reckon we’ll all be moshing/sobbing to in October!!! But please take this mini setlist with a pinch of salt because it’s all speculation for now.

I bet some fans would also want to hear some bangers from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and her mesmerising track “Can’t Catch Me Now” from The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes, but honestly, I don’t think she’ll be singing any of those. Sorry!

This time around I reckon Olivia would be giving us a set list that’s predominantly GUTS-based (duh, it’s the GUTS World Tour) but hopefully she sprinkles in some SOUR treatment as she missed us for that whole shebang.

If you’re looking for a more solid compilation of possible tracks that Olivia is going to belt out, Cosmopolitan UK has shared the rumoured setlist for her UK dates.

This is the rumoured Olivia Rodrigo tour setlist:

  • “bad idea, right?”
  • “ballad of a homeschooled girl”
  • “vampire”
  • “traitor”
  • “drivers license”
  • “teenage dream”
  • “pretty isn’t pretty” (UGH BANGER)
  • “love is embarrassing” (UGH BACK TO BACK BANGER)
  • “making the bed”
  • “logical”
  • “enough for you”
  • “lacy”
  • “jealousy, jealousy”
  • “happier”
  • “favorite crime”
  • “deja vu”
  • “the grudge”
  • “brutal”
  • “obsessed”
  • “all-american bitch”
  • “good 4 u” (encore)
  • “get him back!” (encore)

Again, this is all speculation, but this big banging list of banging bangers is quite promising!

But once that rumoured Australian set list starts swirling on the internet, I’ll be right here with an update.

To gee you up for the ticket sales, as well as the concerts, you can also check out this Spotify playlist that is reportedly a copy of Olivia’s setlists of her GUTS Tour shows. Happy listening!

Image source: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images