Olivia Rodrigo Recovered From A Wardrobe Malfunction During Her GUTS Tour Like A Champ

Olivia Rodrigo almost flashed the entire O2 Arena in London last night during her GUTS Tour, and she handled it like a champ. While performing “Love Is Embarrassing”, her leather bustier popped open at the back as she danced on stage.

There’s some fun choreography during this number, so one of her dancers chased her across the stage trying to fix it at the back. The singer held a hand across the front of her top as she kept performing, yelling: “This is fucking embarrassing!”

The star quickly ran offstage after the song had finished to get it fixed, before addressing the entire sitch. 

“I almost flashed you guys, but it’s okay now!” she exclaimed. 

This isn’t the first wardrobe malfunction to happen on the GUTS tour, with a dancer almost losing her top during the same song back in March. The dancer didn’t let it worry her, keeping up with the high-energy choreography even with her corset being completely undone. 

I’m beginning to think this song is cursed, but look, it’s still one of my faves. 

Olivia Rodrigo fans react to her near-disaster

One video of Olivia’s wardrobe malfunction has been watched over 1.7 million times on TikTok, with Livies – aka Olivia Rodrigo fans – flooding the comment section with disbelief.

“She handled it like a bloody pro and the fact that it happened during ‘Love Is Embarrassing’ and she laughed it off is just brilliant,” one person commented.

“She’s so real for laughing at ‘embarrassing as hell’ because of that,” another added.

Olivia Rodrigo wardrobe malfunction love is embarrassing on the guts tour in london

A dancer desperately tried to fix Olivia’s top. (Image: TikTok @martareismatias)

“The dancer flicking Liv’s hair away on beat ATE,” a third wrote. 

“When she says ‘second string’ the second clasp literally comes undone,” another wrote.

Olivia Rodrigo adds new Australia dates after pre-sale allocation sells out

Australia officially has Olivia Rodrigo fever, with the Live Nation pre-sale selling out in just three hours on Wednesday. The artist has added two new Australian dates for her tour, and the final tickets go on sale this Thursday at 1pm AEST.


There are four total tour dates in Melbourne:

  • Monday, 14 October – Rod Laver Arena.
  • Wednesday, 9 October — Rod Laver Arena.
  • Friday, 10 October — Rod Laver Arena.
  • Sunday, 13 October — Rod Laver Arena.


There are four total tour dates in Sydney:

  • Thursday, 17 October — Qudos Bank Arena.
  • Friday, 18 October — Qudos Bank Arena.
  • Monday, 21 October — Qudos Bank Arena.
  • Tuesday, 22 October – Qudos Bank Arena.

I’m just praying nothing embarrassing happens to Olivia when she finally gets to Australia.

Feature image: TikTok @martareismatias