Michael Bublé Dismisses Retirement Rumours To The Relief Of Mums Everywhere

Over the weekend, a report from the ol’ Daily Mail sent Michael Bublé fans (my mum) into mourning when they claimed the artist was retiring.

The article, which made the claim from an interview with the 43-year-old, reported that Bublé was retiring following his five-year-old son Noah‘s battle with liver cancer.

Bublé’s new album, Love, is set to be released on November 16 hence the interview but the artist also talked about his family’s cancer experience – a subject Bublé has always been open about.

“This is my last interview,” Bublé told Daily Mail. “I’m retiring from the business. I’ve made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top.”

Naturally, these words on their own sparked a Twitter storm but now, Bublé’s publicist Liz Rosenberg has set the record straight.

“Michael Bublé has absolutely no plans to retire,” she told INSIDER. “I wasn’t sitting in on the interview but this must have been taken out of context.” 

“Perhaps as he discussed the different emotions he’s been through these last few years, that thought might have gone through his mind. 

“I assure you with a new album coming out, TV appearances, and a possible tour, he is not retiring.”

Then an anonymous representative pretty much told Us Weekly the same thing: “he is absolutely not retiring.” 


Bublé’s new album Love is the artist’s 10th all up. The fab album news was announced in a Billboard live video back in September. 

“On behalf of my family and I, there’s no way that you can know how much it meant to us – how much your prayers, how much your thoughts, how many times you got us through. For me, this is kind of a really small way of being able to thank you, to tell you how much I love you,” Bublé said in the announcement.

Catch Bublé’s latest song from the album ‘When I Fall In Love’, below.