Michael Bublé Gets A Yearly Roast From His Mates About That Christmas Meme

Michael Buble - The Graham Norton Show

Every year, when the merry season approaches, one particular meme having to do with the ever so beloved Michael Bublé resurfaces on Facebook. Click on the meme and you might just spot yourself in an old tag and yet, and yet, you still re-tag that same friend in that same meme because it does not and can not get old.

[jwplayer oTLxnTkI]

What meme am I talking about?

This iconic work of art.

Alternatively, you may have come across a similar one that simply reads: “Michael Bublé is probably defrosting as we speak”. 

Well, according to the man himself, he’s not the biggest fan of the meme.

Bublé appeared on The Graham Norton Show the other night to promote his new album, Love, set for release on November 16 when Norton decided to whip out the meme. Immediately, Bublé responds with “Oh, for God’s sake.” 

As Norton points out, Bublé only has one Christmas album but look, it’s a bloody incredible album.

“Do you know how many asshole friends I have that literally send me it and go [insert adorable mocking laughter]? And I promise you I get it and I think, ‘I hate you’,” Bublé says.

This aside, the legend does see the fun in it because how can you not!?

BUBLÉ FACT: As Norton says, Bublé’s Christmas album has been the number one album every Christmas in Australia since 2011.

Makes sense.

Catch the little snippet/Bublé being lovable, below.

Bless Taron Egerton for having a bloody good laugh at the meme.

How did this get in here!?

In other news, the 43-year-old will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 16 – big day for the man.

Bublé’s new album is available for pre-order on all the usual suspects including Google Play, Apple Music, and the iTunes Store. You can also listen to his latest singles off the album on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music HERE

For a taste: