For the second day running, approximately 12,000 people missed out on Lizzo tickets.

The year-defining artist, who just this morning was nominated for no less than eight Grammy Awards, is touring Australia for the first time ever in early 2020, as part of FOMO festival.

Last week, her side shows were announced in Sydney and Melbourne. However, due to some very frustrating decisions, both venues – the Sydney Opera House and the Forum – have a very limited capacity. And demand is huge.

In Sydney, more than 12,000 people tried to access pre-sale tickets for Lizzo on Wednesday. She is playing the Concert Hall, which has a capacity of a little over 2,000. You do the maths.

Disappointed fans had a second chance on Thursday when general sale opened, but were met with similar competition. After waiting more than 30 minutes to try and snag one of the final tickets, allocation was listed as “exhausted”, with would-be fans advised to book tickets for FOMO instead.

It’s Not Just You, Almost 12,000 People Missed Out On Lizzo Tix Again

Sydney tickets are yet to appear on Viagogo yet, but in Melbourne they were going for as much as $19,000. (Warning: FOMO is warning that Viagogo tickets are fake and courtesy of scammers, so absolutely do not buy them.)

Despite dozens of people requesting Lizzo and/or the Opera House and/or FOMO to put on more Lizzo shows – she could sell out ANZ stadium in a second, at this point – it seems unlikely to happen. The SOH account is pushing people to buy FOMO tickets instead.

Sorry to everyone who missed out, including myself. (Yes I’m apologising to myself, we were NUMBER FIFTY EIGHT IN LINE when allocation exhausted. That’s just cruel.) Guess you can blame it on the juice?

Image: Getty Images