When it was announced Lizzo‘s first ever Australian performance would be at the Sydney Opera House, naturally about 12,000 people tried to get tickets. Unfortunately, the SOH Concert Hall only seats about 2,000 people. At her gig on Monday night, there was a real strong vibe that we’d all somehow found the Golden Ticket in the chocolate bar, and it tasted good as hell (sorry).

After witnessing Lizzo’s gig myself, I just have to say – I’m REALLY SORRY everyone didn’t get to experience what was the best concert I’ve ever been too. She was that good.

Lizzo is pure energy. It wasn’t just a show, it was therapy. At one point, Lizzo, dressed in a leotard and ripped tights, cackled at the crowd and declared: “We’re leaving fuck boys in 2019. We’re not bringing that into 2020.” Do you need a better message to start the year with? No, you do not.

It’s impossible to separate Lizzo’s music from her inclusive, body positive vibe. “I’m a thick bitch, I need tempo,” she raps in ‘Tempo’, her banger of a hit with Missy Elliot. “I need jack / for all this ass, but it won’t go flat.” Lizzo’s Sydney Opera House gig was an all-out celebration of the booty. May we all have the peachy confidence of Lizzo and her all-star twerking back-up dancers going in to this new year.

Lizzo’s 1st Aussie Show Was Proof You All Need To Try & See Her At Least Once In Your Life
*inserts one thousand peach emojis* Photo: Supplied.

Of course she played all her hits; Lizzo’s catalogue, while amazing, isn’t that extensive yet. That’s a good thing: all killer, no filler. YES, she brought out her flute, and YES, ‘Truth Hurts’ was the encore number (complete with Lizzo in a veil, throwing bouquets to the crowd). Her most famous song wasn’t even released in 2019, but thanks to a) the meme b) Netflix’s comedy Someone Great and c) it being an absolute bop, the tune was a sleeper hit that achieved chart domination, breaking records for the longest-running Billboard #1 by a female rapper.

Lizzo’s 1st Aussie Show Was Proof You All Need To Try & See Her At Least Once In Your Life
Marry me. Photo: Supplied.

During her performance, Lizzo drew the crowd’s attention to donation buckets outside, with money obviously going towards bushfire relief.

“I feel so connected to you during the bushfires that are plaguing the nation,” she told the crowd. “Things are happening here and happening in the world but we are all connected….We are one world.”

Two days later, Lizzo was down at Foodbank Victoria, helping pack relief hampers for people affected by the bushfire crisis. We stan a queen who puts her money where her mouth is.

Walking out afterwards – ears RINGING, you’ve never heard a crowd go quite so loud – I was talking to my mate about how Lizzo is not just THE artist of right now, but defining what it means to be an artist of 2020. She’s both the product of our body positive, self-loving culture and a driving force behind it. Her music is exactly what you need to get over a breakup, hype yourself up for a night, practise self-love in those moments when you can’t think of anything worse.

Plus, it’s just really, really good shit. Remember when that wholesome footage emerged of Rihanna watching Lizzo perform at the BET Awards?

We are all Rihanna watching Lizzo perform, and equally, Lizzo is Rihanna supporting all of us.

It’s an ouroboros of love, acceptance and celebration. To experience Lizzo in the glorious flesh is the millennial version of going to church. It’s holy.

If you were one of thousands who missed out on Lizzo tickets, you can still catch her at FOMO Festival – get all the info here.