Footage Of Justin Bieber’s First Performance In Over A Year Has Reignited The Belieber In Me

We’ve seen the return of low-rise jeans and velour tracksuits. But nothing will ever prepare me for the return of Bieber Fever, because footage from Justin Bieber‘s latest performance has truly reignited my chaotic love for the “One Time” singer. I don’t beliebe it.

I was nine when I first came across JB. It was a sunny arvo and my internet could only be used if the 3 — remember that telecoms company? — dongle was connected to my laptop. After watching a plethora of music videos on YouTube, I came across Justin Bieber‘s “One Time”, which awoke a whole new chapter in my life.

There was just something about that swoop that lured me in. It was like how sirens used their voices to lure unsuspecting sailors into the depths of the seas. Except, this one had a swoop and a voice. You just had to be there.

As the years passed by, my love for JB faded. Yeah, I admit, he had some bangers like “Beauty and the Beat”, but nothing really drew (no pun intended) me to him like the late 2000s.

Until now.

Almost a year after he cancelled the Justice World Tour, Bieber returned to the stage at Drake‘s History Club in an intimate concert over the weekend.

According to Billboard, the super intimate “Drew House x Toronto Maple Leafs” show happened a day before he participated in the 2024 NHL All-Star Weekend.

Okay, I’m kinda obsessed with the hockey ‘fit omg. (Image source: Getty Images / Dave Sandford/NHLI)

The venue could only house a small crowd of 2,500 concertgoers. So it’s definitely a smaller crowd than what Bieber usually performs too.

In the intimate gig, Bieber played a shit tonne of bangers including “Baby”, “Peaches”, “Eenie Meenie” and “Hold On”.

He even sang the remix version of SZA‘s SOS song (and the literal soundtrack to my life) “Snooze”.

Alexa, play “That Should Be Me” ‘cos that should’ve been me in those concert seats.

According to Billboard, towards the end of the gig, Bieber invited Australia’s The Kid LAROI on stage but unfortunately, he didn’t appear.

“It’s all good, maybe we’ll come back. Love you guys, thank you so much,” Bieber said before he left the stage.

Ever since footage of the concert began to surface, many fans are calling for the return of Bieber and all his iconic tunes.

“How has it been 15 years and I’m still hooked,” one person wrote.

“We need a Justin Bieber Eras tour!!” commented a second TikToker.

“I’ll never be fully over my Justin Bieber phase,” wrote a third.

I don’t know what it is. It could be his smile, his outfit or his voice, but there’s something about this performance that’s not like the other ones he had in recent years. He genuinely looks so happy performing. It’s like he got that little spark he had back in the 2010s.

It’ll be a while before we see JB on tour, or even come Down Under, but I’m just glad the man is living his best life and enjoying his gift of singing.

However, I do demand a full cover of “Snooze” from Bieber in 2024. That’s all I want.

Image source: Getty Images / Bruce Bennett