Watch Justin Bieber’s Security Guards Go HAM On A Stage Invader

An enthusiastic fan stormed the stage during a Justin Bieber concert in Dubai over the weekend. Before the rogue concert goer could reach the singer, Bieber’s impressively agile security team swooped in and tackled the stage invader to the ground.

The culprit was a male dressed in a denim vest and matching jean shorts who appeared to be offering the singer a hug – not attacking him as several media outlets are reporting; still, a grand piano got overturned in the drama and, as you can hear in the second piece of camera phone footage embedded below, the incident was a matter of grave concern to other people in the crowd.

Following the incident, Justin took a few minutes before getting back on stage to finish the show with encores “Boyfriend” and “Baby”. He is fine.


Photo by AFP/Getty Images.