Pete Davidson Went To A Steely Dan Show With John Mulaney, A Real Sentence

Here’s a fun story your Dad will probably laugh at harder than you will: Pete Davidson simply has no clue whatsoever as to who or what Steely Dan was, and had to rely on John Mulaney to bring him up to speed.

[jwplayer biRmy4fP]

Mulaney, whomst is the funniest person on the planet bar none (fight me), made one of his apparently now-regular appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and spilled the beans on how a trip out with Davidson, who is his great friend which should spawn a thousand slashfics, blindly agreed to go to a Steely Dan concert with Mulaney, despite having absolutely no idea what a Steely Dan was.

The story also features Mulaney’s incredibly anti-Steely Dan wife, and a slight nod to a much simpler time in the early 90s where virtually all comics had a forced moniker in their stage name.

The yarn begins at around 3:00 in, but it’s worth your while to watch the whole thing.

Because it’s Mulaney.

And Mulaney rules.

Stephen “Steely” Dan. There’s almost certainly a grainy 1989 set of his from Dangerfield’s floating around on YouTube somewhere.

The sheer image of Pete Davidson getting absolutely sick of an entire theatre of mid-50s folks bobbing their heads along to Reelin In The Years while sitting-down though: absolutely wonderful gear.

Plus for reasons I absolutely cannot fathom, I reckon Pete would’ve at least gotten something out of Walter Becker‘s lead guitar lines on Bodhisattva.

I dunno why, man. Don’t ask. I dunno why I think anything these days.