John Mulaney Once Again Went Full Broadway On ‘SNL’ To Shit On NYC’s Most Dogshit Airport

John Mulaney returned to Saturday Night Live for an incredible musical parody shitting all over New York City’s LaGuardia Airport.

The former SNL writer turned stand-up star was hosting the show for the third time in three seasons, despite having nothing to promote. (“I’m here to promote the month of March!”) Two years ago, his musical parody Diner Lobster went viral, being written up as the standout sketch of the SNL season. Last year, his follow up Bodega Bathroom was similar. With LaGuardia Airport, it’s looking like he’s three from three, baby.

This thing has already been viewed more than a million times, and that’s only on Twitter:

So, this LaGuardia sketch. It begins with Pete Davidson trying to buy some questionable sushi from Mulaney. “You’re sure you wanna eat the sushi?” he asks. Pete Davidson’s friend Chris Redd reacts similarly: “You’re buying sushi at LaGuardia airport? Have you lost your damn mind?” Then out comes Kenan Thompson as Phantom of the Opera, launching an eight-minute long musical sketch riffing on everything from coronavirus to New York mayor Bill de Blasio.

Look, it’s very, very New York. It’s riffing on the airport mostly known as not being JFK, which having never been to NYC I have to assume is a bit like Melbourne people laughing at idiots booking their flights to Avalon and not Tullamarine. But you’re telling me you don’t want to see guest star Jake Gyllenhaal, floating in his pyjamas as the creepy traveller who just loooooves being searched by airport security? Or Bowen Yang as a racially profiled Asian person who was definitely not in Parasite?

Exactly. Watch the damn sketch.