John Mulaney Gave Pete Davidson A Shirt Feat. A Pic Of (Borat Voice) His Wife

Those of you who managed to catch this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live will have no doubt noted a few things. Chiefly, a) the episode was very good, and b) John Mulaney absolutely rules.

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Mulaney’s second turn at hosting the show he (now allegedly) wrote for featured a raft of special guests, including Bill Hader and Ben Stiller, a spiritual successor to the instant classic Diner Lobster sketch, and an opening monologue that should be held up as the textbook example of how to do one for all future guests.

But those of you who watched the show may have clocked the fact that Mulaney ditched his usual neat suit attire to close the show, instead wrapping things up on home base in a slightly uncharacteristic printed t-shirt.

That shirt, as it turns out, features a photo of Mulaney’s wife Annamarie Tendler Mulaney; the same wife that Mulaney references frequently in his stand-up work, including in yesterday’s opening monologue.

That, folks? That’s the good shit.

Turns out the shirt wasn’t a limited edition of 1 either. Following the broadcast the official SNL Twitter account posted a backstage photo of Mulaney and his extremely different but good friend Pete Davidson, each wearing the wife shirt.

We already know that Mulaney’s taken Davidson to a Steely Dan show before so it’s probably a matter of time before Davidson takes Mulaney to a Lil Yachty gig or whatever and John spends the entire time miffed about there being nowhere to sit down or whatever. It’s gonna rule.

But back to the episode briefly.

Mulaney’s monologue also included an extended riff on the ever-present information voices heard on every New York subway train, which was very good.

And was followed later in the show by a Diner Lobster-succeeding, Broadway-inspired musical sketch about pissing in a bodega bathroom, which was even better.

It’s a very good episode, and you should find a way to watch it. That’s the ultimate point I’m making here.