You’ll Feel Seen By This ‘SNL’ Parody Of What You Actually Do In Leggings

We Know What You Did Last Saturday.

We know, because we did it too.

You woke up, scrolled through Instagram, saw your annoying hot friend had uploaded an Instastory doing the Bondi to Bronte and decided you’d throw on your activewear and go for a sweat yourself.

But first: coffee! You went to a cafe, decided you needed some brunch, [insert tired joke about smashed avo here], and before you knew it, it was 2pm and you were positively exhausted. Cue couch, Netflix, wine. (The natural variety, of course.)

Saturday Night Live knows you did this too. That’s why we feel personally attacked by their bang-on their Nike ad parody that debuted this weekend.

The Nike ‘Pro-Chiller’ legging is “designed for endurance, but used for what most women actually do in leggings,” which we don’t need to tell you is jack shit.

“‘Cause let’s get real,” starts Kate McKinnon‘s character, with the intensity of a professional athlete cum life coach. “Leggings can be pants, pyjamas and a napkin.”:

The leggings can even withstand “190 degrees of hot lap” that come with the ol’ leggings, blanket and laptop set up. They call it the “couch panini” and fuck I’m hungry.

We couuuuuuld be biased since they’re Aussies, but no one, not even SNL, can top the Van Vuuren Bros‘ OG activewear parody:

Activewear, activewear, concluding this story in my activewear.