It Is……… The Gravy Day


It is…

The Gravy Day.

Image: Getty / Martin Philbey

The Gravy Man. He back. He back.

It’s the 21st of December, and now they’re ringing the last bell.

Just like the song suggests, the most holy day on the Australian calendar has arrived. Forget Christmas Day, forget New Year’s Eve, forget Good Friday. The only true religious day in Australia is December 21.

It’s the day… It’s the Gravy Day. Just like in the song, baby.

Like clockwork, the Gravy Man Twitter account has once again fired up, reminding us all that today is the day for gravy, and all money should go to the Gravy Man.

Incredibly huge stuff. The goddamned Gravy Man.

Even the “actual” Paul Kelly is getting the spirit of things, blessing the nation with a Gravy Day rendition of the Gravy Song.

The Gravy Song, which tells us of the Gravy Day. It is good shit.

All across social media, people are getting right around it too. As is tradition.

It is all-powerful. It cannot be denied.

Folks……… it’s the Gravy Day.

Enjoy it.