Folks, It’s The Gravy Day

Hello Dan. It’s Joe here. I hope you’re keeping well.

It’s the 21st of December, and though Christmas might still be four days away, Australians everywhere are celebrating the real highlight of the holidays. The best day of the year. The sauce celebration. Folks… it’s Gravy Day.

The day we, as a nation, pause to give our love to Angus, Frank, and Dolly, tell everyone that we’re sorry, and blindly warn our brothers against trying to root our wives. A day where we all dance to a reasonably obscure 70s reggae artist and hang shit on our sister’s new boyfriend. A day where, above all else, we come together as individual families to stir up some fairly ho hum brown sauce. It’s a magical day.

The calendar date immortalised by Paul Kelly‘s iconic Australian Christmas jam How To Make Gravy is upon us all once again, signalling the true start of the Australian festive season.

And, as such, scores of Australians are humbly pausing to mark the occasion on social media, spreading love, good will, and the good good real good brown stuff far and wide.

Even the great man, the blessed man, the Gravy Man himself has wished everyone a very good morn’ on this beautiful day.

Hell yeah, mates! The 21st of December. It’s…. the Gravy Day.

A very merry one to you and yours. Kiss the sleeping children, and don’t ever – EVER – forget that dollop of tomato sauce.

Sweetness and tang are of the utmost importance, after all.