Triple J Fkn Finally Put The Best Of 2017’s ‘Like A Version’ Cuts On Spotify

And so it comes to the end of the year, and with it the 2017 class of Triple J‘s weekly Like a Version artists is complete. This year, frankly, had a whole mess of bangers. Absolute banger central. Banger-la-desh, if you will.

While in years past the blessed Js have released the occasional CD compilation that you were able to rush into your local HMV to pick up a copy for a cool $21.99. But this year, finally, Triple J has gone fully digital with their end of year set.

The absolute best of this year’s Like a Version has found its way online, with Triple J today releasing a full-length streaming playlist of cover tunes; the white hot jams that set your Friday mornings ablaze.

For a number of reasons, it’s not *every* LaV from this year, but the tunes contained on the list cover a broad range of shithot jams. There’s Tash Sultana‘s widely heralded dig at MGMT‘s ‘Electric Feel,’ A.B. Original‘s incendiary take on ‘Dumb Things,’ with the master Paul Kelly by their side. Then there’s Camp Cope‘s heartaching, soaring cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ iconic ‘Maps,’ Luca Brasi‘s life-affirming run through Aussie Christmas standard ‘How To Make Gravy,’ Flume‘s bloody wonderful meme-fuelled tilt at ‘My Boo,’ and the ball-tearingly great cover of 90s electronic masterpiece ‘Children‘ by sleepmakeswaves.

Seriously, if one Like a Version was enough to fire up your Friday, then 23 played back-to-back should shoot it off into the stratosphere.

The playlist is available on Apple Music and YouTube, as well as in Spotify via the embedded player above.

Happy Friday, mates. The happiest Friday.