‘He Brought His Rumoured GF’: Here’s All Yr Faves On The Hoon At Grammy Awards Afterparties

grammys afterparties 2023

All the formal, fancy stuff of the Grammys is done and dusted for another year which means a good helping of gossip, tea and celeb sightings from the various afterparties has been served up. These awards nights really are a marathon and not a sprint so here’s what went down across Hollywood and beyond on music’s night of nights.

Taylor Swift — who seemed to have the best time at the awards — hosted her own afterparty at the Chateau Marmont this year which reportedly turned into a pretty decent hoon.

Photos from the party have been pretty scant but fans spotted some classic snaps shared by Lana Del Rey on Insta that include Jack Antonoff and Tay in full party mode.

Whispers to Deuxmoi thought Miss Swift was giving “single vibes”, but it’s believed her beau Joe Alwyn was in attendance. Let the girl live, I beg of you.

Meanwhile the night’s surprise big winner Harry Styles was snapped having a reserved beveragino with Orville Peck.

Harry please go full cowboy mode for your next era, it’s what we deserve.

Despite not being at the awards, Louis Tomlinson was also spotted at a Grammys afterparty which has sent Larry stans into an absolute tailspin.

Shawn Mendes was spotted waiting out the front of a party for a woman, who fans suspect may be his rumoured new girlfriend, 51-year-old chiropractor Jocelyne Miranda.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox got changed into what could only be described as a Las Vegas wedding look for their appearance at the Universal Music Group afterparty.

Meanwhile Kendall Jenner showed off her impeccable posture at another party with a bunch of mates.

Joe Jonas was spotted with Shania Twain and Stevie Wonder at the Universal afterparty, where I simply would have loved to be a fly on the wall.

We’re yet to peep any evidence of what Lizzo and Adele got up to, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled. Considering they were clearly having a hell of a night on their table in the awards ceremony it probably went one of two ways: kick on until daylight or straight home to Macca’s in bed.

Simply dying to know what these girlies got up to after the Grammys, someone share those afterparty snaps already!