Footage Resurfaced Of Hozier In A Wiggles Music Video And The Comments Are A Wasteland, Baby

Fans of Irish singer and songwriter Andrew Hozier are going bonkers on TikTok after footage resurfaced of the legendary musician playing a backup vocalist in a 2011 music video for The Wiggles.

Before he wanted you to take him to church, Hozier was jamming out with the world’s favourite colourful skivvy-wearing children’s band, The Wiggles, and the reactions from fans are hilarious.

According to a TikTok that now has 1.2 million views, Hozier both starred in a video and provided vocal accompaniment for a song in The Wiggles’ 2011 Christmas album It’s Always Christmas With You.

The short clip comes from The Wiggles’ cover of the Cherry Tree Carol, an early 15th century Christmas carol, which was the second track on the album.

@hannahblk4d #GAGGED #hozier #hoziertok ♬ original sound – Hannah

The face of a 20-year-old Andrew Hozier can clearly be seen in the resurfaced footage, eerily clean shaven and with short hair.

Many fans in the comments are immediately questioning if this unholy crossover is real, and I don’t blame them for second-guessing because it is just too wild to me that these universes collided.

Is that Hozier in a Wiggles music video?

It is undoubtedly Hozier.

It’s Always Christmas With You credits the Cherry Tree Carol as “featuring Anúna,” who are an Irish vocal ensemble group that are wildly successful in their own right.

Anúna has featured dozens of different members over its time, including a certain forrest-daddy between the years of 2009 and 2012.

This Wiggles music video was released in 2011, but was recorded in Ireland around June 2010 when The Wiggles were touring their Wiggly Circus tour. (The Wiggles lore runs deep through my veins.)

Meaning that yes, before he was a world famous ethereal rock-star, Hozier was, and always will have been, a Wiggle.

And if all that isn’t enough confirmation for you: Hozier has had his own page on the Wigglepedia for years now.

Hozier, Grammy nominated divine/extraterrestrial being, on the Wigglepedia. Source: Wigglepedia.

Fan reactions

Fans are beside astounded at the news, with many commenting on how young he is in the footage.

“That’s not Hozier, that’s Andrew,” reads the top comment.

“I could live a thousand lifetimes and still not be fully caught up on Hozier lore,” noted user SarahDactyl.

There is something so funny about the fact the same guy who sings the lyrics “do you know, I could break beneath the weight of the goodness love I still carry for you?” has also performed with the band that sings “Toot toot, chugga chugga, big red car; We’ll travel near and we’ll travel far.” Truly the duality of man.

Full footage of the Hozier / Wiggles crossover can be found on YouTube, because the internet always provides.

Will be adding this banger to my Chrissy playlists, and then continue replaying Hozier’s newly released album Unreal Unearth until my ears bleed. Love you forest daddy.