Harry Styles Got His Tits Out For Rolling Stone & The Internet Has Reacted Accordingly

Harry Styles Rolling Stone

Our lord and saviour Harry Styles has been fairly quiet of late. It was 2017 that was the year of his debut solo album also named “Harry Styles”, of his first movie role in Dunkirk and of his big world tour, which wrapped up in July 2018 and featured him sporting many delightful stage outfits.

[jwplayer NQjBCmN6]

Since then, he’s been busy recording (and not signing on to play Prince Eric in the live-action Little Mermaid) and was even spotted filming a music video recently. But fans have been eagerly awaiting “HS2” (the name they’ve given his upcoming second album), and it seems that the day might be very, very near.

Mr Styles is on the cover of the upcoming September issue of Rolling Stone, with the cover released today but the issue not actually out until Sep 3. Wahhhhh.

Here’s the thing in all its shirtless glory:

The cover pic, shot by Ryan McGinley and featuring three of Harry’s four famous nipples, of course has fans losing their DAMN MINDS.

Check out the absolute Horny Jail that is Twitter right now:




While others were simply shocked by the whole thing:

Others took this as hard, irrefutable proof that the HS2 era is here, baby!


And this person has turned into an ectoparasite.


I mean, that’s one way to live your life I guess?

While we’re all still waiting for album details, a single, a teaser, ANYTHING, this image of Harry on the cover of Rolling Stone should keep us going for a few more weeks. To the good people at Rolling Stone, we thank you.