Harry Styles’ highly-anticipated album Fine Line has officially entered the world, and fans are losing their minds over it.

Released on Friday, Fine Line is the second solo album we’ve seen from Harry since leaving One Direction. 

The album features 12 tracks that are sure to get you on a level of sad-horny that’s definitely not appropriate for a Friday afternoon in the office. But who cares? Tell Brenda in HR to shove it and live your sad-horny dreams.

In recent months, we’ve seen Harry branch out in creative, experimental ways, giving us incredible photoshoots like the images for the album’s press shots.

In less than 24 hours, the album has already shot to the top of the iTunes charts in 47 countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Critically, the album has been well received, with Variety giving it a solid 82/100, while NME, The Independent, Rolling Stone and the New York Times all scored it 80/100.

But the most exciting thing about a mega-star like Harry Styles releasing new music isn’t reading the critical reviews, it’s enjoying the top notch Twitter reactions to the new record.

Earlier this year, the 25-year-old artist told Rolling Stone that the new album was “all about having sex and feeling sad.” So naturally, fans were quick to share their sad/horny reactions as soon as the album dropped earlier today.

The former One Direction singer has an unholy amount of power, so it’s unsurprising that a ‘Mean Girls’-style hysteria broke out when the album first dropped.

Honestly, if you’re weren’t staying up all night waiting for the album to drop, you’re a fake fan. Go on, hand in your Harry Styles Appreciation Society badge.

Then we were given a Harry Styles version of the beloved Drake & Josh meme that gets thrown around any time anyone releases a new album. A classic.

But while some of us were reliving our Nickelodeon youth, others were worried about the important things, like the *fact* that the FBI is definitely stalking us all through our webcams.

Everyone collectively had a bit of an ugly cry while listening to ‘Falling’, including myself.

The entire ‘Fine Line’ album was an emotional rollercoaster, so buckle the fuck up.

Image: Saturday Night Live