A Marvel Exec Has Spilled Tea On Harry Styles’ Future In The MCU & Consider Us Hot For Eros

Harry Styles

Harry Styles will once again venture into the cosmos, playing Eros in The MCU – as confirmed by a beans-spilling Marvel executive.

Speaking on Deadline’s Crew Call podcast, Marvel executive Nate Moore revealed that they’ll be more screen time for Style’s Eros character after briefly appearing in Eternals.

In typical Marvel fashion, the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer appeared mid-credits in Eternals, but hasn’t been seen since.

Host of Deadline Crew Call, Anthony D’Alessandro probed Moore about Style’s appearance in the 2021 film and whether we’d see more of him.

“No, we certainly didn’t cast Harry for a tag,” Nate Moore said.

“But there are more stories to be told with that character, which is fascinating. He’s got a very interesting connection with Thanos, they’re half-brothers, they share the same father.

“He has an interesting power set. He’s a complicated character, but a really fun character.”

According to Moore, Harry is also the charming little English gentleman we all hoped he’d be. So thankfully, all the Don’t Worry Darling drama hasn’t rattled his reputation as a nice guy too much.

“He’s as charming as you think you want him to be. And I think there’s no limit to how popular that character’s going to be once we get to bring him back in.”

D’Alessandro even joked that it’s going to be the “highest grossing film of all time” if Styles is in it. Well don’t tell James Cameron that, or he might be cranky.

For now though, it looks like Styles is sticking with music after a busy few years as the lead role in Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman.

“I don’t imagine I’d do a movie for a while,” he told Rolling Stone UK.

“I think there’ll be a time again when I’ll crave it.

“But when you’re making music, something’s happening. It feels really creative, and it feeds stuff.”

Got to love Harry Styles and his really obvious way of describing things. Yes a movie actually “feels like a movie” and when you make music “something’s happening”. Christ.