A Punter Dressed As Freddie Mercury Just Stole The Show At Foo Fighters Leeds Festival Set

A punter dressed as Freddie Mercury at Leeds Festival got the opportunity of a lifetime when the Foo Fighters invited him on stage for an impromptu performance.

The Foo Fighters returned to the festival for their seventh headline performance at the massive UK event. Obviously, when you’ve headlined a major festival that many times, you’ve gotta find ways to spice it up a little.

Frontman Dave Grohl brought his daughter, Violet on stage at one point during the set while reflecting on the band’s lengthy career. Violet has made multiple appearances alongside her dad throughout their recent European tour.

But that’s not the exciting part, because the band then enlisted the help of a Freddie Mercury lookalike from the crowd to join them on stage for a cover of ‘Under Pressure’.

The fan, who’s name is apparently Ryan, made a damn good choice to wear a Freddie Mercury get up to the festival, because he ended up getting a chance to jump on stage during the fucking headliner. Huge.

Somebody needs to track down Ryan and give the guy a fucking medal because I am LIVING for his performance.

Obviously Twitter went wild over the set.

It really doesn’t get any better than performing a Queen song dressed as Freddie Mercury on stage with the Foo Fighters, does it?