Delta Goodrem, Shining Light In The Abyss Of 2020, Has Hinted She’s Got A New Album On The Way

In a single redeeming factor for this garbage bin fire of a year, Delta Goodrem has just massively hinted at a new album release, which would not only be her sixth studio album but her first major music release in four years.

After penning and releasing ‘Let It Rain‘ earlier this year to raise funds for the bushfires that ravaged large parts of the country over the 2019-2020 summer, Delta’s been pretty quiet on the music front until now.

She’s just dropped a cheeky video on her socials this morning, of a tree’s rings being revealed while a D note is being softly played on a piano.

She’s captioned it with simple sheet music – four beats of notes in treble, with a repeater at the end. Four Ds and repeat. Four…Deltas? Are we about to experience the rings of the Delta Goodrem tree in the form of an album? There’s a bunch to unpack here.

On Twitter, Delta also linked out to her mailing list with the biggest hint about this being an album release and not like, another season of The Voice. The URL has the tipoff – a not-so-subtle ‘DG6’ in it. Right there for everyone to see. The sixth Delta Goodrem album. It’s coming, it’s happening.

Though we have absolutely nothing else to go off here – no release date, no first single, no name, nothing – this is already a beacon of light in the unending abyss that is 2020 and we are simply not worthy.

We’ll let you know as soon as we know more, but until then please join me in a ceremonial re-listening of Innocent Eyes at deafening volumes while pretending to play an invisible piano with every ounce of my being.