Happy 20th To Craig David’s 7 Days, The Song About Fucking For Half A Week & Getting Tired

Today is a very special day, folks. A day unlike any other day. Because today just-so-happens to be the 20th birthday of British hit machine Craig David’s seminal 2000 smash hit single 7 Days. The king of songs that are specifically about fucking a random for half a week before getting tired.

7 Days, the second single from David’s debut studio album Born To Do It (Fill Me In was the lead-off single for those of you keeping score at home), was first released on this day, July 24, way back in the year 2000.

On that day, the world was first introduced to the linear, week-long tale of Craig David himself, who – as the song chronicles – met a girl on Monday, went for drinks with her on Tuesday, began fucking her on Wednesday in a marathon session that stretched all the way through to the following Saturday, before the amorous pair utilised the Sunday as an apparently well-earned day of rest.

In the annals of pop music history, few songs exhibit the sexual stamina that 7 Days does. Pop stars of various eras have frequently boasted about their bedroom prowess, but none have come close to the sheer staying power of Craig David.

Sir Mix-A-Lot, in his 1992 culture-defining Baby Got Back, claims that he “gotta be straight” when he says he wants to “uhh” until “the break of dawn”; a bold promise that offers little in the way of follow-through.

In 2002’s Shake That Thing, Sean Paul boasted that he would “get it on til the early morn,”; a single-night effort that ranks as paltry in comparison to David’s 7 Days session.

Even Ariana Grande, in her 2016 megahit Side To Side which stands as a lyrical monument to absurd feats of fuck, compartmentalises her bedroom escapades to a single 24-hour period. “I’ve been here all night,” she offers, a setup immediately countered with “I’ve been here all day.” That set timeline is then rounded out with “And boy, got me walkin’ side to side,” confirming that carnal activities were the primary focus of those set hours.

And yet in detailing his movements across 7 Days Craig David fucks clean through four of them without breaking a sweat.

Now, it should be said that the song doesn’t explicitly state that David’s four days of fuck were continuous in nature. “We were making love on Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday” leaves some undefinied wiggle room for going to work, visiting friends, attending to household chores, before rendezvousing to bang in the evenings. Although the “we chilled on Sunday” full stop heavily suggests that whatever amount of knocking boots took place required a full day of rest to recover from.

Whatever the case, no other song in the pop music oeuvre achieves the orgasmic heights that 7 Days does. And for that, on its 20th birthday, it must be saulted.

Happy birthday, to the One and Only.

May all our weeks be equally as horny.