Walking Fart Craig Kelly’s The Latest Pollie To Get Egged After A Woman Cracked One On Him

United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly was egged at a rally in Melbourne. Yep, it was caught on video.

The egging was shared widely on social media, because it’s a video of Craig Kelly getting egged.

In the video the unidentified egger told Kelly to “stop hanging out with Nazis”.

Kelly pointed his finger at her, wagged it up and down a few times and called her a “disgrace to democracy”.

“That’s physical assault, you’re going to jail,” he can be heard saying in the clip.

Normal stuff, normal political climate.

Craig Kelly told The Age that the egg attack was “assault”.

“One day it’s an egg, the next day it’s a rock … that’s not how Australian democracy should work,” he said.

“I’ve had some run-ins with people dressed as dinosaurs over the years.

“If they want to sit and argue with me and discuss issues, I’d have been more than happy to discuss issues.”

BRB immediately fucking up my Google Search history with the query “Craig Kelly vs Dinosaurs”.

It turns out that Craig Kelly denied accusations he threatened to punch a climate activist dressed as a dinosaur in 2019. This was back when Kelly was a Liberal MP.

The dinosaur suit had a sign reading “Craig Kelly Denialosaur” on it should you desire some poignant visual imagery.

Police are now investigating the eggcident according to 9News.

“Police are investigating reports a 58-year-old man was assaulted in South Yarra on Friday, 8 April,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

It also said it understood two women were involved in the egging. The statement also confirmed Craig Kelly wasn’t injured.

The women left the scene and ran to a parked car.

“A witness on a pushbike followed the women, parking his bike in front of the car,” it said.

“It is alleged the male driver ran over the cyclist’s foot. He sustained minor injuries.

“The cyclist then followed the vehicle, which stopped nearby on Toorak Road.”

At the moment the identity of the eggers is unclear.

Maybe the UAP can start adding egg emojis to all their big fuck-off ugly billboard emojis now? Just a thought.