Craig David’s Lawyers Should Probably Check Out X-Factor Australia’s McDonalds Song

For a singer, we can think of few things worse than being forced to sing a song about how delicious McDonalds lamb burgers are. You could, for instance, have acid thrown on your face, lose your possessions in a forest fire or discover that you were adopted. You could also star in that song’s music video.

This clip shot for pro-lamb McDonalds campaign single “Gettin’ Serious” dropped last night during X-Factor Australia’s results show and features this year’s top 12 crop teaming up with last year’s finalist Johnny Ruffo to do power fists on a floating rohypnol trap and sing professionally damaging lyrics about how awesome lamb burgers are (“I had my eyes on a prize. A Maccas lamb burger and fries on the side,”). Take it all in below…

It’s terrible for obvious reasons (The Collective’s wardrobe, the lyrics) but endure it for a minute and the first thing anyone born before 1990 will notice is Craig David’s timeless ode to speed seduction, “Seven Days”.

Us, at about the one minute mark…

The worst offenders are probably the vocal phrasing and the guitar trills, which are pilfered wholesale, but the top-line melody is suspiciously familiar too.

What? You didn’t think anyone would notice, McDonalds? That shit was nominated for a Grammy Award!

Expect an injunction letter from Chin Strap’s legal counsel soon, you deserve it.