Conan Gray, Sad Prince Of Twitter, Isn’t Afraid To Talk Emotions & Humiliating Secrets

Being crowned the Sad Prince of Twitter sounds like it’s a bit of a bummer, but for Conan Gray it’s a title he wears with pride. The 21-year-old has been absolutely smashing it lately, being compared to the likes of Billie Eilish and Troye Sivan, and with his debut album Kid Krow coming out in March, we got him on the blower to chat about his approach to the Hell Website and how it helps him write.

If you’ve not experienced the twitter content of Conan Gray, then please enjoy these deeply relatable tweets from the Sad Prince himself.

Though he’s a hell of a mood online, he told me that he actually really enjoys sitting in his feelings. He allows himself to feel them fully. Instead of following the lead of long-held ideals of masculinity, which is all about suppressing that kind of stuff.

“I guess I was given that title, but I guess it’s pretty true,” he said.

“My Twitter, when you look at it, is pretty chaotic. It’s pretty sad. But I feel like I’m the kind of person who’s like perfectly okay with being sad.

“Like, when I’m bummed out I’ll kind of like it? Like, I’ll settle into it, spend all day in bed writing depressing songs. I’m kind of into it; it’s nice every once in a while.”

We simply have to stan a man who’s connected his own feelings, actually lets himself explore them, and finds creativity in them.

Leaning in and exploring his emotions and feelings like a fully formed adult has allowed Conan Gray to release some of his inner self on his debut album, Kid Krow.

He’s said that he’s got a lot of secrets to share with his first full-length record, and after spending time growing up and finishing school since his EP, Sunset Season, there was plenty of life experience and tumultuous moments to draw from. Also, apparently, a lot of embarrassing stories. The classic teen experience, really.

Conan Gray and his internal monologue – yep he’s the kind of person who has one of those – have been working through things that are hard to admit, and turned them into songs for Kid Krow. From recording thoughts into his phone while in the shower to having lyrics pop into his head while he’s on the toilet, he’s explored his own vulnerability while in vulnerable places.

“On the album, I just say a lot of things about myself that like, are kind of humiliating to admit,” he said.

“You know when you have those feelings about a person, or about a situation, that you kind of wish you didn’t feel that way because it’s kind of a horrible way to think, or makes you kind of feel like a bad person.

“On the album, I say all those things anyway because the reality is like, we’re all human and we all have a lot of the same feelings, even if they’re really bad.”

Conan said there are things on the album that he hasn’t even talked about online before, so we’re going to get an even deeper look at the new kid on the proverbial block than what we’ve already had from his socials.

“So, there’s a lot of secrets and a lot of things I’m terrified to admit, or almost humiliated to admit,” he said.

“I feel like with music, people right now deserve to have people tell the truth so I’m giving all the secrets to them straight.”

Kid Krow, the debut album from Conan Gray, is out everywhere on March 20th, and you can get around it over here.