Nova’s Taking Its Intimate Red Room Gigs Online & Beaming Conan Gray Into Homes Across Aus

For what I’m pretty sure is the first time in the intimate gigs’ existence, the Nova Red Room is going online in 2020, to bring the tiny show with huge names into the most intimate venue of all – your house. In the era of isolation and social distancing, the exclusive gigs will be beamed into the homes of the lucky few, so you can bring some of the world’s biggest artists into your space.

The crowned sad King of Twitter/our lives, Conan Gray, is the first artist kicking off the first at-home Red Room for 2020, who will be entering the houses of a bunch of very lucky fans through the one way we’re all hanging out at the moment – Zoom meetings.

He’ll play a few select tracks from his recently-dropped album, ‘Kid Krow’, before sitting down for a Q&A sesh with those in the Red Room online – probably one of the select times that you’ll get a chance to directly quiz an international artist and have their full attention. That’s a bit bloody cute tbh.

Conan’s been doing a couple of YouTube livestreams recently, so here’s a little sample of what you might be in for at the Red Room.

And although the online Red Room is still an exclusive small gig, where you enter a competition on the Nova website to get yourself a spot in the room, taking it online means it’s a show that’s accessible to everyone with a decent internet connection. No more pining over intimate shows in the wrong city, or ones that are hours away from you. You could bring the Red Room into your own bedroom if you want.

Hell, go and get some of those colour-changing light globes and turn your room into an actual red-lit room. Really set the mood for yourself (and bring some serious vibes to the

I’m deeply hoping it’ll be something like that time Conan gave us a tour of his college apartment back in 2018. Remember that? Bless.

Check out the NovaFM website to see how you can cop yourself a sneaky Red Room link to the tiny online gig. How many people can fit into a Zoom meeting anyway? Like…40? I can’t wait to see how this works out.