So, very tall man Conan O’Brien is in Australia which is cool. According to social media, he touched down in the country on Saturday and immediately started familiarising himself with the great sport of our nation – AFL. 

Can confirm, the very tall man towers over a number of AFL players.

Enjoying Sydney wonders like Bondi Beach and Bondi Beach, the late-night host and comedian decided to stop by a Sydney Swans training session. Not only did he pull on the red and white, he actually took part in the sesh.

“Introducing @ConanOBrien to our game and sharing a lot of laughs along the way. Thanks for the visit Conan! #ProudlySydney,” the Swans wrote on Twitter.

“The minute I saw the short shorts, I knew this was the sport for me,” Conan said. “I have very long attractive legs and I felt that this would show me at my best so I suited up and I think – as you saw – I took to the game like a swan to water.” 

My Lord.

Hit the play button to gaze upon some very long, very white legs.

Look at him go.

How did this all come about you ask? Well, you might have noticed that Conan has travelled a fair bit in the past year. Conan Without Borders, which you can find on Netflix, sees the bloke visit Cuba, Korea, Mexico, Israel, Haiti, and Italy. Then there’s also Conan in Japan. 

Hugh Jackman, rather puzzled by Conan’s lack of Australian content, sent the man a very real and very passive aggressive video shading Conan for not visiting our great nation.

“Conan, I know you’re doing a lot of shows, travelling around the world, lots of them. You’ve been everywhere around the world except Australia. It’s like you’re going out of your way not to go to Australia and just saying, and I just – you know ‘cos we’re mates – I just wanted you to know that it’s been noticed.” 

Et, voila.

(The real reason Conan’s in town is because he’s doing a live stand-up show on Wednesday, February 20 at Sydney’s State Theatre. The show will be included in his next Conan Without Borders series, appropriately titled Conan in Australia.)

Excellent, just excellent.