John Farnham Has Joined Client Liaison’s Festival ‘Cos The 90s Never Ended

Weird and wonderful things happen when you sit on seemingly inexhaustible piles of cash. Things like coaxing John Farnham out of his on-again, off-again retirement for a string of miniature music festivals – sorry, Expos – across the nation.

That’s goddamn right. Client Liaison, Australia‘s favourite boardroom bohemians, have successfully nabbed Whispering Jack for their nationwide Expo Liaison extravaganza.

The CEOs, and their new mate Farnesy, will be joined by Alice Ivy, Ken Davis, Kon, Luke Million + KLP, No Zu, Rainbow Chan, and smooth legends Total Giovanni.

Also, John Howard has been listed for a DJ set. Which John Howard remains unclear, but it would not be a shock if Australia‘s preferred purveyors of 90s excess actually signed the former Prime Minister to spin some tunes.

via Matt Adams

The whole ordeal kicks off on August 18 in Melbourne, before hitting Perth on August 19, Sydney on August 25, and Brisbane on August 26. If that’s your jam, peep the ticket details right HERE.