Jimmy Barnes was the first Aussie music icon to tell Reclaim Australia to get fucked stop using his music at their bigot festivals rallies, but he won’t be the last. 

John Farnham is also pretty pissed. His iconic ‘Strayan tune, ‘You’re the Voice’ was absolutely thrashed at the Reclaim Australia rallies over the weekend, and he’s not a happy chap about it. 

His manager, Glenn Wheatley, made a statement today calling the movement’s use of the song “disgusting”:

“I have successfully pulled down the use of You’re the Voice from Youtube that these guys have been using. […] The use was disgusting as it showed the decapitation of those poor souls who lost their lives.”

One of the sentiments Jimmy Barnes expressed in his Facebook post was that “Australia needs to stand up for love and tolerance in these modern times“, and Wheatley and Farnham – being decent human beings – agreed.

“John and I are seriously opposed to the use of John’s song at the rallies. It no way reflects our support in any way.”

Now we just have to wait for the other members of Cold Chisel to denounce Reclaim Australia and ban them from playing Khe Sanh; same with Icehouse (‘Great Southern Land’), and Men At Work (‘Land Down Under’). 

We won’t even begin to discuss the absolute can of worms that is Reclaim Australia playing ‘Beds are Burning’ by Midnight Oil over the weekend. Do they know what that song is about? If anyone sees Peter Garrett violently sobbing ‘NO ONE UNDERSTOOD!’ into a schooner glass in some dingy pub somewhere, give him a hug from us. 

via SMH

Image: Robert Cianflone via Getty Images