Childish Gambino’s Setlist Is Already Being Speculated For His Australian Tour In 2025

The polymath and creative powerhouse known as Childish Gambino, AKA Donald Glover, announced he would be performing in Australia in 2025, and fans are already dying to know what the setlist will be for his The New World Tour.

Glover’s first appearance in Australia since Splendour in the Grass (rest in peace) in 2019 has had fans of the “This Is America” singer fighting for life and death in the Ticketek waiting room to score tickets in the presale.

And those who have managed to secure a spot at one of his four Australian shows are now making predictions about which songs the iconic musician/writer/producer/actor/comedian/director will perform during his upcoming show. 

With four studio albums, 14 mixtapes, four EPs, and 25 singles to his name, Childish Gambino’s repertoire gives him a vast array of tracks to choose from. And not even including the songs that he hasn’t released but performs live — looking at you “Human Sacrifice“.  

@nicholasjanzen After six years of fervent anticipation, Donald Glover has finally released the fan favourite track “Human Sacrifice” as part of his Atavista album, a finished version of a four year old Childish Gambino project 3.15.20. We are so back! #childishgambino #atavista #donaldglover #humansacrifice #music ♬ Human Sacrifice – Childish Gambino

So let’s dive in and see what songs might be on Childish Gambino’s Australian setlist.

What is Childish Gambino’s Australian tour setlist?

I’m gonna give it to you straight: as of yet nobody has a clue precisely what the setlist will be for Childish Gambino’s Australian shows.

There are multiple reasons for this, with the top one being that he hasn’t performed a single show for The New World Tour, and won’t until later this year.

Another reason why the exact Australian setlist hasn’t been confirmed is because Glover will likely change the songs he performs across different countries. Fair chance he’ll alter the setlist he plays Down Under from whatever gets confirmed when he plays the first shows in the US in October 2024.

Patience is a virtue, people!

What are fans hoping is in Childish Gambino’s setlist?

Obviously, the number one request fans want is the “La Biblioteca” rap by Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) from Community.

Okay fine, that’s just us Community tragics.

But given his huge catalogue of bops and bangers, the better question to ask is what song AREN’T fans requesting? To which the answer is none of them.

Here’s a bunch of the tracks that fans are calling for Childish Gambino to include in his The New World Tour setlist:

  1. Feels Like Summer
  2. Bonfire
  3. Hunted
  4. Final Church
  5. Sticky
  6. Les
  7. Atavista
  8. Algorythm
  9. Summertime Magic
  10. Riot
  11. Redbone (duh?)
  12. Human Sacrifice (duh x2)
  13. Sober
  14. This Is America (yes, even in Australia)
  15. Heartbeat
  16. Me and Your Mama
  17. 3005

This is absolutely not a confirmed setlist — just a bunch of songs fans are begging/frothing/dreaming to see live!

Please Donald, just give us a little cheeky hint. TY xoxo.

Where to get tickets to Childish Gambino’s Australian tour

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Best of luck to all of you serving in the trenches of ticket-buying warfare!