Donald Glover Said Childish Gambino ‘Will Be Back’ & Confirmed He’s Working On New Music Again

childish gambino back donald glover new music

Amid all the excitement and chaos of the Golden Globes this week, Donald Glover dropped an exciting bit of intel about the music-making side of his life. Turns out he’s not ready to retire Childish Gambino entirely and is currently working on some new music.

Glover declared he was hanging up the mic on his musical moniker in 2017 when he revealed that his next album would be the last under the Wu-Tang generator-created name. He then released 3.15.20 in 2020 and we had all but assumed that he had closed that chapter of his rap career.

But now Glover has seemingly decided he’s ready to revive Childish Gambino in an interview on the Golden Globes red carpet on Wednesday.

Laverne Cox had a quick pow-wow with the Atlanta creator for E! News when the conversation naturally rolled around to what he’s up to now the series has wrapped up.

“I’m making music right now, I love it,” he said.

“I’m actually working, I’m in the studio. I’ve been bringing people in, like secret people, working on little things. But I just been like, you know, making it for fun right now.

“But soon something will happen, I promise. Something will happen.”

Glover then teased about the future of Childish Gambino and addressed the rumours (?) that he was retiring the moniker for good.

“No, no no, that was out in the ethos,” he said.

“You don’t have to worry about that. He will be back.”

Donald. Mr Glover. Mr Dong Lover. Excuse me? Did you or did you not personally add fuel to that rumour mill fire when you literally said “I’ll see you for the last Gambino album” at the Governors Ball nearly six years ago?

The absolute cheek of him being coy about it and dismissing it as something that was merely “out in the ethos” despite talking at length about it — I love it.

Considering everything that’s happened in the first two weeks of 2023, we might just be in for a good year. Especially if there’s new Childish Gambino music in the unknown future.