Childish Gambino Just Snuck Into Triple J For A Surprise Tuesday ‘Like A Version’

Get out of bloody town, it might only be Tuesday but Triple J has – out of the blue – brought tidings of Friday blessings unto you all thanks to the release of a surprise mid-week Like a Version from your great, great mate Childish Gambino.

As it turns out, in between swanning about the country in and around Splendour In The Grass, the man born Donald Glover found the time to sneak by the hallowed ABC halls in Sydney for what’s now his second stint at Triple J’s perennial hit parade.

In what’s going to rank as one of the most left-field song choices in LaV history, Gambino took on the 1999 Chris Gaines hit Lost In You.

Gaines, for those of you confused by this, was the supposedly Australian-born alter-ego of US country megastar Garth Brooks, who created the persona in the late 90s in order to explore non-country genres in the hopes of creating an entire movie around the character.

That didn’t exactly pan out, but the one radio hit the fictitious “Greatest Hits” album Gaines released managed to endure, and now we have footage of Donald By-God Glover singing it in Aunty’s house in the year of our lord two-thousand and nineteen.

Wonders never bloody cease, I tell you what.

If you’re keen to read more about Chris Gaines – which you should be, because the whole thing is certifiably nuts – here’s some extra reading material for you.

Happy bloody Tuesday, mates!