Get An Eye-Load Of This Wild Childish Gambino VR Experience On Yr Phone

Donald Glover is one hell of a creative bloke. If he isn’t winning Golden Globes for his own TV shows, acting in big movies or everyone’s favourite series, Community, he’s casually releasing world-class tunes that are objectively very pleasing.

For the debut of his latest album, Awaken, My Love, Gambino partnered with Microsoft to make a pretty wild VR experience that you yourself can enjoy right now. 
While the event, dubbed PHAROS, featured projections on a massive dome in Joshua Tree, California, you can download the app for iOS or Android to get the same deluxe experience straight to your eyeballs. 
And if you don’t have a VR headset, you can still watch the performance as a 360 degree video on your smartphone. Get a taste for the deliciousness in the video below:

“We were looking for a special way to debut the album and we wanted to do it live with the band because they were such an integral part of the recording process,” said Wolf Taylor, manager and live producer of Wolf and Rothstein, Gambino’s management company.  
According to the Microsoft team that helped Glover create the experience, the all-star performer used Kinect sensors to create the motions for each of the 18 characters that made up the entire show. 
If you’re thirsty for more of the nerdy details of how the show came together, you can suss the excellent video below:
Source: Microsoft.
Photo: Getty.