Cardi B Did Not Realise Donald Glover & Childish Gambino Are The Same Person

We all remember where we were when we found out that Santa wasn’t a real person, just as we do when we figured out that there’s only one Olsen Twin. But where were you when you figured out that Donald Glover and Childish Gambino were not, in fact, two completely different people?

For Cardi B, as it turns out, that was a mere few days ago on Twitter.

Yes, it would seem that blessed, wild-brained Cardi had no idea that Glover and Gambino were one and the same, and lived out the realisation for all the world to see.

On ye olde Twitter, Cardi firstly remarked on the close physical resemblance of the “two”, before the lightbulb went off and her world changed forever.

The tweet was hastily binned but not before those quick on the screenshot immortalised it forever.

And then, the blessed follow-up. The brain-wrinkling moment of clarity.

To be fair, she’s not even close to the last person across the finish line on this particular race.

And it’s certainly not helped by things like Saturday Night Live inadvertently steering into the myth with this technically true program description from earlier in the month.

That’s accurate, if we’re splitting hairs. But it’s certainly not helping.

Cardi B’s innocence is a global treasure, that should be protected at all costs.