I Need To Know What Donald Glover’s Mysterious Countdown Is For Or I Will Lose My Fkn Mind

donald glover countdown

Actor-rapper-singer-everything-er Donald Glover has casually launched a website with a mysterious countdown timer on it and frankly, I cannot handle any more stress right now.

If you head on over to his website www.donaldgloverpresents.com, you’ll find a mysterious countdown that ends at midnight on March 22 (LA time) and not a lot else. Literally, thats the whole damn website.

So what the hell is happening on March 22 that requires Donald Glover/Childish Gambino to tease us like this?

In this strange period of social-distancing, I would probably be happy if he just dropped a funny meme when the timer runs out. We’ve all exhausted every streaming service known to man, just give us anything. We are desperate, Donald.

Fans seem to be pretty convinced that the countdown is for his highly-anticipated new album, which he’s previously hinted will be his last album under the Childish Gambino alter-ego.

“I’m really appreciative of this. I’m making another project right now, but I like endings, I think they’re important to progress,” he told press at the 2018 Grammys, hinting that LP4 would be his last album as Gambino.

In case you missed it, Glover gave us the ultimate tease on March 15, when he dropped a 12-track surprise project on his website before promptly removing it less than 24 hours later. The tracks included features from huge artists like SZA and Ariana Grande, which leads me to believe this project IS this final Gambino album we’ve been waiting for.

However, it’s worth noting that this project dropped on the Donald Glover Presents website, which could be a hint that he’s already scrapped the Childish Gambino name.

It’s still unclear what the fuck happened to the surprise project. Was it an accidental leak? A publicity stunt? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the “art experience” was the fact that we only got to enjoy it for one day.

But there’s also some reason to believe it’s NOT the album we’ve been waiting for.

Donald Glover is a multi-faceted creative powerhouse, so this could literally be anything. It could be an announcement about his tv series Atlanta, which recently announced that it was expanding from an 8-episode order to a 10-episode order.

Alternatively, this could be Donald Glover’s way of announcing that he’s coming to cure our self-isolation boredom with a whole new project we haven’t even heard of yet. A girl can only dream.

We’re all pretty sure the countdown is for the new album, but honestly, I’ll take whatever Donald Glover is willing to give us at this point.