Nick Murphy, Formerly Chet Faker, Has Revived Chet Faker & Is Releasing New Music As Chet Faker

chet faker nick murphy 2020

After four years of performing under a myriad of names that aren’t what he’s most well known for, Nick Murphy has announced he’s returning to his Chet Faker moniker to release new music really soon. Like, tomorrow soon.

The chart-topping, ARIA Award-winning producer and singer has decided to brush off his Chet Faker project once again for the first time since 2016, and has also decided to drop his first single back under the beloved name on October 2. Which I stress once again, is tomorrow. Set an alarm, this could be something special if it’s an honest return to form for Chet/Nick.

Murphy packed away Chet Faker nearly four years ago to the day when he tweeted to say that his next record (which ended up being 2017’s Missing Link) would be under his birth certificate name, Nick Murphy, but assuring fans that Chet would “always be a part of the music”.

Fans momentarily lost their shit, thinking that their fave had been put away for good. But since then, Nick has been busy, and dropped and EP and two albums under his real name, before deciding to bring Chet back for another trot around the park.

Hell, the last we heard from his Nick Murphy project was literally the full-length album Music For Silence back in March of this year. Which yes, feels like about a decade ago now, but was actually seven months and a whole pandemic shutdown ago.

The return to the award-winning project also signals a shift behind the scenes, as Chet Faker/Nick Murphy/Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker/???? moves from Future Classic over to BMG Records, penning a new deal with the record label ahead of dropping the new single this week.

So Chet fans, keep an eye on your streaming services or wherever you hoover up music from, because it’s sounding like we might just be blessed with some classic Chet Faker vibes with this new track.

And who knows what else he has up his sleeve now that he’s putting his Chet hat back on, but I’m sure it’ll wind up being the soundtrack to the incoming summer.

Happy bloody Thursday.