Iconic Melbourne Venue Cherry Bar Is Moving Out Of Its AC/DC Lane Location

Cornerstone of Melbourne CBD nightlife and one of the last bastions of inner-city rock n roll Cherry Bar has announced it will soon be winding up operations at its ubiquitous AC/DC Lane location. But rather than closing down for good, bar owners have confirmed it will instead be moving to an unannounced new location in the near future.

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The inner-city rock venue has been in operation for a number of years and has provided a vital platform for up-and-coming rock acts throughout its existence, but a Facebook post made earlier today confirmed the bar would be wrapping up its operations at AC/DC Lane on March 31st this year.

The current location of the venue is reportedly being taken over by new operators who will be doing something “very different” with the space.

However, rather than wind up the bar’s operations, venue owners are instead planning to transplant the business’s identity into a new building, and are reportedly negotiating with as many as 10 different locations for Cherry’s new home.

The bar also promised the final run of 10 weeks at the current venue will serve as a temporary farewell before the bar relocates to a future new home.

Put this date in your diary now. After 19+ years, the world famous Cherry Bar will have its final night in AC/DC Lane on Sunday 31 March 2019.

To preserve its long-term future Cherry Bar will MOVE from AC/DC Lane. Cherry Bar has not and will never be sold. It is my intention to take the name, the staff and the sticky carpet to a new Melbourne address with a long lease and a safe and secure future for live local music and late night rock n roll revelry.

Presently we are in serious negotiation with ten (yes, count them TEN!) venues across Melbourne as we strive to find the exact “right place” to move Cherry to. So, watch this space and never lose faith. Cherry Bar will never die.

There will be new operators taking over the lease of the AC/DC Lane basement who will be doing something very different. We wish them every success.

When I came on board at Cherry a dozen years ago Cherry was on the cusp of financial ruin. The bar didn’t trade Sunday to Tuesday and didn’t have a PA or even host live bands!

Now, Cherry has live local music seven nights a week and is pretty much the best rock n roll bar in the world.

For this I thank all Cherry staff past and present; the managers, past owners, DJs, bartenders, bussies, security, bookers, receptionists, office workers, Front of House operators, guitar techs and most importantly all the artists who played on our modest but important Cherry stage, and helped make it the true heartbeat of the Melbourne rock scene. We look forward to hosting you all again soon when we make our exciting move and next announcement shortly.

THIS is how we are saving Cherry. By moving Cherry.

Cherry has not been sold. Cherry is moving so that it can survive long term and continue to host, support and love the best music in the world, local live music!

No word yet on exactly where Cherry Bar will relocate to, but for the time being the venue is operating as-normal in AC/DC Lane.